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French Nationality
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Rennes
20 av. des Buttes de Coësmes – CS 70839
33 2 23 23 85 79


2017 : Habilitation, University of Rennes I, Mechanics.
Title : “ Model/experimental dialogue in the identification of the elastic behaviour of multi-body mechanical systems for the improvement of their dynamic performances ”

2005 : PHd thesis – Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) of Rennes (35) and of University of Rennes I, Mechanics in partnership with C.F. GOMMA Barre Thomas S.A., honourable mention.
Title : “ Optimization of an engine suspension system for vibro-acoustic improvement ”

2002 : Master Research Mechanics of Materials and Fluids, University of Rennes I.
Title : “ Optimization of the parameters of a fractional derivative model applied to the behavior of elastomeric materials ”

2002 : Engineering degree from the INSA of Rennes, Automatic Mechanical Engineering department


Since Sept 2006 : Associate Professor – Hab. – Section 60 – INSA of RENNES
LGCGM Laboratory

  • Modeling the elastic behavior of serial and parallel manipulator robots to improve their static and dynamic performance.
  • Analysis of the static and vibratory performance of cable-driven robots.
  • Vibration diagnosis of mechanical systems.
  • Signal processing of vibration measurements.
  • Analytical and experimental modal analysis, dynamic measurements in operation.
  • Design optimization (simulation, sensitivity analysis, robustness analysis, decision support).

From 2002 to 2006: Advanced Research Engineer in the R&D department of C.F. GOMMA – Rennes

  • Coordination and management of system study projects for the vibro-acoustic optimization of motor vehicle engine suspension architectures.
  • Design and experimentation of prototypes and new processes on vehicles
  • Definition of specifications for innovative anti-vibration components (process, costs)
  • Definition of the methodological and investment requirements for the vehicle test section
  • Realization of design support tools (simulation, optimization, robustness analysis)

2001 : Internship Engineer– C.F. GOMMA – Rennes
Title : « Identification of the parameters of a fractional derivative model applied to the behaviour of elastomeric materials« .


IT :
– Programmation : C, C++, Visual Basic

Continuing Education :
– Management and human resources management
– Signal processing and modal analysis
– Advanced Programmation MATLAB/SIMULINK


Phd defended

2010 : Stéphane MARIE – « Multicriteria Routing Optimization for Hybrid Powered Vessels. » – ARED grant – Pôle Mer Bretagne

2010 : Mathieu ROGNANT – « Design, Identification and Control of a New Structure of High Dynamic Capacity Stacker Crane. » – CIFRE grant with the compagny SYDEL (56)

2013 : Jérémy BELCHIOR – « Development of a coupled material/machine structure approach: application to robotic incremental forming. » – Allocation normalien

2014 : Mario GUILLO – « Modeling, identification and control of industrial robots under high static and dynamic loads: application to friction stir welding (FSW). » – CIFRE grant with Institut MAUPERTUIS (35)

2015 : Han YUAN – « Static stiffness and Dynamic Stiffness Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Non-negligible Cable Mass and Elasticity. » – China Scholarship Council

2018 : Sana BAKLOUTI – « Analysis and reduction of vibrations of cable-driven parallel robots. » – Minsterial grant – co-supervision with Stéphane CARO, ROMAS, LS2N (NANTES)

2021 : Camille APAMON – « Design of a neuroradiology catheter manipulator. », CIFRE grant with the compagny ROBOCATH (ROUEN)

2022 : Marwan JOHRA – « Vibration assistance and elasto-geometrical model-based control for the robotisation of incremental sheet forming. » -ministerial grant


Since 2005 : International Conference on Robotics and Automation, International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, journal of Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, journal of Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, Journal Advanced Robotics.


International peer-reviewed journals : 21
International peer-reviewed conferences : 17
National peer-reviewed conferences : 1
International peer-reviewed event : 1
National Patents : 3
International Patents : 5
Softwares : 2


  • Vibration analysis: Study in vibration dynamics and acoustics in order to address noise and vibration reduction methods as well as industrial measurement techniques.
  • Robust design: Optimization process of a mechanical system, taking into account the robustness of a solution, dimensioning in a random context.
  • Industrial project: Teaching by project for a real-life situation of students faced with an industrial problem originating from companies.
  • Mechanical design project: Implementation of solution-finding, geometric modelling, numerical simulation and component dimensioning techniques for the design of an industrial mechanical system.


  • Elasto-dynamic behaviour of robots: Modeling and identification of the elastic behaviour of robotic structures under static and dynamic stresses. Synthesis of a systematic modeling method for calculating the elasto-static and elasto-dynamic behavior of manipulators for the real-time determination of elastic deformations and modal mapping of structures.
  • Friction stir welding (RFSW): Implementation on the control of an industrial robot of a force control and a real time compensation of the tool deviation during a welding operation by FSW.
  • Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming: Implementation of a reliable model to simulate and optimize the process of robotic incremental sheet forming by integrating the mechanical behavior of the constituent material of the sheet to be formed and the performance under high loads of the robotic system.
  • Cable-driven robotics: Modelling and control of the elastic behaviour of cable-driven robots to improve their static positioning performance and vibration behaviour.
  • Fuzzy logic: Implementation of fuzzy logic for the modelling of complex mechanical systems with highly non-linear behaviours.


  • Elected member of the associate Professors on the board of INSA Rennes (Since 2024)
  • Deputy Director of Laboratory LGCGM (2017-2024)
  • Head of Industrial Relations for the Mechanical and Automatic Engineering departement of INSA (2015-2018).
  • Elected member of the associate Professors on the Scientific Council of INSA (2014-2017).
  • Elected member of the associate Professors on the Scientific Council of Laboratory LGCGM (2012-2017).
  • Elected member of the Council of the Mechanical and Automatic Engineering department of INSA (2010-2014).
  • Head of Internships of the Mechanical and Automatic Engineering department of INSA (2008-2012).